tshirt mockup free psd

T-Shirt Mockup PSD Free Download [60+]

Looking for the best t-shirt mockup for all sorts of purposes that will benefit you greatly or you’ve just finished a great t-shirt design and you can’t wait to see what it will look like as a fully printed garment.

For t-shirt mockup seekers we have successfully found a great collection of t-shirt mockups. we listed more than 60 t-shirt mockups in this article and the best thing is all of them are freely available to download under license CC BY 4.0.

Whether you’re designing your t-shirt or looking to add higher quality product pictures to your store, you’re sure to find the perfect t-shirt mockup in this article, we have researched hard to find the best collection of t-shirt mockups over the internet.

What is T-Shirt Mockup?

Tshirt mockup is a perfect graphic item that can be used to showcase Tshirt design. In some of the t-shirt, mockup models wear it to gives a real look at how Tshirt design will look.

This is the best way to predict before finalizing t-shirt design that how it will look that’s why designer always tries their t-shirt designs on a t-shirt mockup of their preferred, means it can be a model wearing a Tshirt mockup or just a hanging t-shirt mockup depend on designers need.

Types of T-Shirt Mockup

  • Model wearing T-Shirt mockup
  • Hanging T-Shirt mockup
  • Dummy wearing T-Shirt mockup
  • Fold T-Shirt mockup

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How to use T-shirt mockup?

Most of the listed mockups are made in photoshop which means if you need to edit mockups and set your t-shirt design in this t-shirt mockup PSD you need to have photoshop in your machine and which below instructions you can easily edit these mockups but, these are the general steps to edit this we are not sure that all listed mockups will be edit in the same way.


All listed t-shirt mockup comes with CC BY 4.0 license that means you are free to copy and redistribute the material in any medium or format as long as you give credit to the original author of the t-shirt mockup.


  • You cannot sale these mockups
  • Also cannot list them on your website without giving credit to the original author
  • Don’t spin and list them on your website, authors are very smart they can easily track you and take action again your violation activity

#1 Half Sleeves Shirt Mockup PSD (Front & Back)

half sleeves tshirt mockup psd

#2 Round Neck Tshirt PSD Mockup

rounded corner tshirt mockup psd

#3 V-Neck Male Tshirt Mockup Free Psd

V-Neck Male Tshirt Mockup Free Psd

#4 Free Tshirt Mockup PSD

free tshirt mockup psd

#5 Tshirt Mockup PSD

tshirt mockup

#6 White Tshirt Mockup Freebie in PSD

white tshirt mockup psd

#7 Round Neck Cool Tshirt Mockup PSD

cool tshirt mockup

#8 Photo-Realistic Tshirt Mockup

realistic mockup psd

#9 Tshirt With Tag Mockup


#10 Man Wearing Black Tshirt Mockup

man wearing tshirt mockup psd

#11 Tshirt Hanging Mockup Get Free PSD

tshirt mockup free psd

#12 Hanging Tshirt Mockup Psd

real tshirt mockup free psd

#13 Vintage Styled Free Tshirt Mockup

two tshirts mockup free psd

#14 Folded Psd Sweatshirt Mockup

tshirt mockup free

#15 Free Hanging Tshirt Mockup

tshirt mockup free psd

#16 Collar Tshirt Mockup Collection [3 Psd Mockups]

tshirt mockup free psd

#17 Men Simple Tshirt Mockup Free PSD

tshirt mockup psd

#18 Woman in Long Sleeve Tshirt Psd Mockup

half sleeves tshirt mockup psd

#19 Tshirt Hanging Mockup Get Free PSD

tshirt mockup

#20 V-Neck Female Tshirt Mockup Free Psd

realistic woman tshirt mockup psd

#21 Free Hanging Half Sleeves Tshirt Mockup PSD

tshirt mockup

#22 Free Shirt Mock-up

tshirt mockup psd

#23 Free Tshirt Mockup PSD

mockup psd

#24 Free Flawless Girl Tshirt Mockup


#25 Free Half Sleeves Tshirt Mockup PSD Template


#26 Tshirt Mock-Up PSD

tshirt mockup psd

#27 Free Kids Tshirt Mockup

kids tshirt mockup psd

#28 Young Cool Guy Wearing Round Neck Tshirt Mockup

rounded neck tshirt mockup

#29 30 Mock-Ups T-Shirt (15 with a Body Girl / 15 Only aTshirt)

lady tshirt mockup psd

#30 Free Modern Girl Wearing Tshirt Mockup PSD

presentation tshirt mockup

#31 Mockup-by-raindes

mockup psd

#32 Free Tshirt Mockup

free tshirt mockup

#33 Tshirt Mockup (Front,Back & Folded)

tshirt mockup psd

#34 Trendy Free V-Neck Tshirt Mockup

rounded neck tshirt mockup

#35 Free Tshirt Mockup for Logo Branding

tshirt mockup

#36 Free Longline Tshirt Mockup

tshirt mockup psd

#37 Free long sleeve Tshirt mockup

new tshirt mockup

#38 Woman Tshirt Mockup

women tshirt mockup psd

#39 Free Cool Tshirt MockUp For Branding

cool tshirt mockup psd

#40 Free Realistic Tshirt Mockup PSD

new tshirt

#41 Pocket Tshirt PSD MockUp

tshirt mockup psd free

#42 Free Long Sleeve Tshirt Mockup

tee mockup

#43 Tshirt Free PSD Mockup

mockup psd tshirt

#44 Woman oversize Tshirt mockup with transparent bg

mockup tshirt

#45 Women Tshirt Mockup

women tshirt mockup

#46 Free Gorgeous Girl Tshirt MockUp Psd

tshirt mockup

#47 Free Tshirt Mockup For Men

tshirt mockup psd
White T-Shirt whit Clipping Path, isolated on grey background.

#48 Free Hanged Tshirt Mockup (PSD)

t-shirt mockup

#49 Free Man Wearing Polo Tshirt Mockup

tee mockup psd

#50 Folded Tshirt Mockup Template

folded tshirt mockup psd

#51 Men Free Tshirt Mockups


#52 Free Stunning Tee Shirt Mockup

tshirt mockup with box psd

#53 Fabulous and Free Tshirt Mockups – Round Neck

tshirt mockup with costumizable colors

#54 Free Tshirt Mock-Up [psd]

free tshirt mockup psd

#55 Women’s Baggy Tshirt Mockup

free mockup psd

#56 Free Black Tshirt Mockup

free mockup

#57 Tshirt Mockup

tshirt mockup free

#58 Blank Tshirt Mockup Template (PSD)

blank tshirt mockup

#60 Flat Tshirt MockUp

flat tshirt mockup psd

#61 Girl Wearing Black Tshirt Mock-Up

girl black t-shrit mockup free psd


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