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Mobile App Builders [Best 15+] [2019]

We are here with our very usefull collection of 15+ Mobile App Builders. In the past you had to be a programmer to make an app, which would likely take weeks, months or even years. Now, however, there are numerous Mobile App Builders platforms that you can use to create an app in minutes. creating a mobile application might be the next big step in expanding your business, but you are not an app maker and have no experience in programming – how do you go about making an application? You could hire an in-house developer, or an external company, to build your app but perhaps you are a start-up and can’t face the costs of full-blown app development.

Low Code Builders

The debates over mobile web, native code, and hybrid, mobile apps may never end, but one thing everyone can agree on is that we can’t build mibile apps fast enough. Low-code development platforms take a visual, drag-and-drop approch to building apps, allowing developers to deliver applications faster at lower cost.

The difficulty and cost of mobile app development have not escaped the notice of innovative companies. TheDesignz presents 15+ low code builders for mobile applications, in no paticular oder. Some of them target more than one mobile platform;some target web applications as well.

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#1 BuildFire


Build mobile apps in a fraction of the time and cost using BuildFire’s powerful and easy to use app builder.


#2 Thunkable


Thunkable enables anyone to create beautiful and powerful mobile apps.


#3 Apps Builder


Build HTML5 and native cross-platform apps with our easy-to-use, fully customizable layouts, designed to deliver on your marketing goals and ready to publish on app stores. With no coding required, we simplify app design and reduce go-to-market time so you can get on with business.


#4 Gamesalad


Creating games is pretty much the ultimate challenge for programmers. For a mere $299 per year the Texan company provides a building block system for iOS and Android game creation. Free


#5 IBuildApp


Although the featured templates on this website don’t look too exciting, IBuildApp has been used more than a million times. Basic ($9.99 per month), Business ($39) and Enterprise/Agency ($99) are their pricing tiers.



If you don’t mind technical lingo or even embrace it, the “industry’s leading cloud-based rapid app development environment for building mobile apps” might be your candidate of choice. It’s more of a technical infrastructure for apps than an app maker for end users.


#7 MobAppCreator

Mobile App Builders

With MobAppCreator, users don’t have as many templates available to them as other builders, yet the editor itself is very user-friendly, with different modules explained clearly and without too much technical jargon. It’s a nice touch having a pull-out iPhone on the side that keeps an updated, clickable representation of your app which is refreshed with each new change.


#8 AppMakr


This app creator from Singapore shows almost 2 million apps on its counter; impressive. Next to their claim of creating an app “in only 20 minutes” the pricing page sticks out for us. Next to a free plan there’s a $2 per month for PWAs, and a $99 dollar per year for iOS and Android, making it one of the most affordable app makers.


#9 Mobincube


Using the editor sometimes felt a little bit “beta”. We sometimes had to switch browsers to use certain features. What they have on offer does looks pretty powerful; they let you create complex page types: for example you can use a SQLite based database to pull in data from an external server. To be honest, we haven’t really figured out how this works and in terms of user friendliness there is definitely room for improvement. However, no other provider allows you to get a real app for free. Their paid plans look very affordable too.


#10 Mobile Roadie

Mobile Roadie

They have a couple of nice community features such as chats and a fan wall that can be particularly useful for artists and bands. Musicians will also like the smooth integration of its music player. There are also some very advanced features such as geo-targeting for your content. Because of its wide feature range getting the hang of this app builder will take more time than most of the others..



Mobile App Builders

In the video on their website they make a bold statement: one in every 20 apps out there runs on Bizness Apps. The Californian company started out in 2010 and has so far helped to put out more than 300,000 apps.


#12 AppSheet


Companies seeking to rapidly build powerful business apps with no code from existing data sources (Excel, Google Drive, SQL, Salesforce, etc.)


#13 AppInstitute


Users looking for an app builder with many industry specific templates, great for users looking for a United Kingdom-based support team.


#14 Appsmoment


Users looking for a cross-platform app builder with an extensive list of available features.


#15 AppYourself


Users looking for app creators or app builders that place an emphasis on online and mobile marketing needs.


#16 Appsbar

Mobile App Builders

Appsbar is your free mobile app builder. Free to all app builders and app lovers. Join now and start building your free mobile app today. Apps have become the must-have tech accessory for many people, and a core part of forward-looking business marketing plans. However, not many people or small businesses have the know-how or means to create highly functional and individualized apps that are ready to be published in popular app stores.



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